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The Scout Basic Essentials (10 Essentials)

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There are ten essential items that a scout should have while hiking or camping outdoors.

They are:

□ Pocketknife
□ First-aid kit
□ Extra clothing
□ Rain gear
□ Water bottle
□ Flashlight
□ Trail food
□ Matches and fire starters
□ Sun protection
□ Map and compass

All of these items should fit into a large Ziploc bag and should be carried by the scout whenever they go hiking or on a campout.

More information can be found in the Hiking section of the Boy Scout Handbook.

Personal Equipment Checklist

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Outdoor Essentials Clothing

□ Short-sleeve shirts
□ Compass
□ Canteen / water bottle
□ Sun protection
□ Personal first aid kit
□ Flashlight
□ Socks (plenty of them)
□ Hiking boots or sturdy shoes
□ Running shoes or moccasins
□ Extra shoes that can get wet
(for all boating activities)
□ Long-sleeve button down shirt
(for Swimming merit badge)
□ Official Class A Scout uniform
□ Rain gear
□ T-shirts
□ Hiking shorts
□ Long pants
(for Swimming merit badge)
□ Warm jacket
□ Underwear

Sleeping Gear

□ Sleeping bag
□ Foam sleeping pad or air mattress
□ Ground cloth
(for camping and wilderness survival merit badges)

Personal Cleanliness Kit

□ Soap
□ Toothbrush & toothpaste
□ Comb or brush
□ Towels & washcloths

Recommended Extras

□ Pocketknife
□ Wristwatch
□ Notepad & Pens & Pencils
□ Sunglasses
□ Alarm clock (battery operated)
□ Scout handbook
□ Insect repellent (pump spray)
□ Camera with film

 Partial list of items that may be checked-out from the Quartermaster

Saws, axes, tarps, shovels, picks, rakes, grass whips, Posthole diggers, Dutch ovens, patrol cook-kits, Utensils, latrine supplies, rope, twine, garbage bags, and wheelbarrows.

Even though the items you need may not be listed, there is a good chance that we will have what you desire – please ask! To speed your checkout on Saturday morning, we recommend that all equipment be returned to the Quartermaster by Friday afternoon, when possible. All equipment is limited, so please immediately return any equipment not in use.  Patrols will be charged for missing or damaged equipment.

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